Living Archeology | Graduation Project


The construction of the German Atlantic Wall during World War II has left
a scar along the coastline of The Hague’ urban tissue. It stretched over
a 5000 km long defence line along the boarder of Nazi Germany in order to
prevent an Allied invasion. The Atlantic Wall has left a visible mental-
and physical impact upon the development of the city and its residents.
This scar was the starting point for my project ‘Living Archaeology’,
that illustrates the relationship between four scattered bunkers on its
route to The Hague as a remnant of this defence line.


Sensory Experience


The project will illustrate that the bunkers have been dug out, sawed in
horizontal or vertical lines, and partly shifted apart from each other. The
outcome has resulted in a different relationship between the concrete mass,
the countryside and its temporary residents. The bunkers, which had a func-
tional purpose during its construction, subsequently consisted out of
various volumes, ratios and placement methods.These elements has been a
very valuable founding that I wanted to emphasize during my project




Kijkduin . Geschutsbunker 8584a – 612

385 litres of concrete

Latitude | 52°03’56.2”N 4°13’02.0”E

Longtitude | 52.065622, 4.217227




Left . horizontal cutting line | Right . shifted 90 degrees


Kijkduin . Exterior view


Kijkduin . Interior view




Scheveningse bosjes . Commandopost 8706 – 610

990.000 litres of concrete

Latitude |  52°06’04.5”N 4°17’19.3”E

Longtitude | 52.101258, 4.288705




Scheveningse Bosjes . Exterior view


Scheveningse Bosjes . Interior view




Scheveningse Bosjes . Interior view

Haagse bos . Geschutsremise 8724 – 629

675.000 litres of concrete

Latitude | 52°05’26.8”N 4°19’56.6”E

Longtitude | 52.090778, 4.332398




 Left . horizontal cutting line | Right . shifted to the back


Haagse bos . Exterior view


Haagse bos . Interior view




Oostduinpark | Geschutsbunker 671

300.000 litres of concrete

Latitude | 52°07’30.3”N 4°18’13.7”E

Longtitude | 52.125080, 4.303816




Oostduinpark | Exterior view


Oostduinpark . Interior view




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Winner of BNI BACHELOR AWARD 2015 .
Broeinest . Eindhoven

overview + detail

Landscape maquettes 1 : 2000 + Detail concrete . Cut through


Detail maquette