[ ARCHITECTURE | 01 T(r)E(a)(e) HOUSE ]



[ 1 Detail Roof construction | 2 Entrance space | 3 Transition interior / exterior ]




A tea experience can not take place without a bowl as its shell and

a bowl is just a bowl of tea when filled with tea.

They reinforce each other and need each other in a certain sense.

This is also true with the landscape relative to the architectural



This tea house is created by drawing certain lines on the map to

the excisting trees of the landscape. The trees are being transfor-

med into lines of sight. The cutting lines becomes volumes.




Topview park ‘Koekamp gracht’ The Hague | Tree cutting lines

binnen trap

1 | Entrance of t(r)e(a)(e) house


2 | Transition interior / exterior space with a Tea Wall in-between to grab a cup a tea yourself.


Study parts of a broken teapot, share as a residence area